Jessica Noah Morgan

Born and raised in London, UK, I am in my early 20's trying to make sense of the world.  I was diagnosed with depression in early 2012 and now I am learning about myself, one step at a time, whilst documenting my journey along the way. 

I struggle to voice my emotions verbally so instead I have always taken to it in written form, hence the blog!  The DNA and aim is to use my openness and honesty to encourage and inspire others to speak out about their own mental illness, and together we will eradicate the stigma. 

Not only will I be rambling on about mental wellbeing but also everything else that might interest me, which could vary from food to music to fashion.

Currently standing as one of Mind's mental health ambassadors, I also contribute to Thought Catalog, Undo Ordinary, Menos Mas and I am the Social Media Editor of RunYogaRun, London's newest wellness movement. 

I'm a four-time marathon runner, trainee journalist at the Evening Standard, singer and avid foodie.  I am partial to a good book and buying an obscene amount of clothing and footwear. 


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I am available for sponsored content, collaborations and features with brands that fit with the aesthetic of my blog. Opportunities include reviews, content curation, sponsored advertising, giveaways, product placements and social media posts.  I am also available for press events.

I 100% accept pre-written content, submissions or guest posts so if you would like to get involved by sharing your story or experience on mental health, please contact me, I'd LOVE to hear from you.  These, of course, will be confidential and reviewed by me until written consent is given to publish.

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