Hundreds of Londoners join free Bleecker St burger feeding frenzy

Fiona Simpson & Jessica Morgan

Hundreds of hungry Londoners have lined the streets of Victoria to get their hands on a free burger.

Foodies queued for an hour to get hold of one of 3,000 free cheese burgers from trendy vendor Bleecker Street Burger which is celebrating the opening of its first restaurant next to Victoria Station.

Jon, 34, who works in Victoria, waited in the queue for 25 minutes after promising his colleagues "the best burger ever".

He told the Standard: "I've had one before and it's the best burger I've ever had.

"It's definitely worth queueing for."

Another ravenous punter, Rufus O'Reilly, 23, was alerted to the free burgers by his brother and queued for 45 minutes for a freebie with friends.

He said: "I've had them at London Bridge - they are the best burgers in London."

Sam, 27, from Penge joked: "I suppose, as a Londoner, it's your right of passage to queue for a free burger in the freezing cold."

Peter Kalkowksky, 33, from East London, queued for 40 minutes.

He said: "The owner has been coming out handing flyers out with a unique number."

Brand director at Bleecker Street Burger, Liam O'Keefe said 500 people had flocked through the doors in just two hours.

He added that he was excited that the popular burger branch had finally opened a restaurant and said: "It's been a long time coming."

He added: "I'm not surprised so many people have turned up, we have a huge following on social media and our fans are amazing.

"It's a passion for me. I spend six weeks travelling around America and I've still not found a better burger, if I had, I wouldn't be here.

"It's all about our attention to detail and quality of ingredients. That's what makes the burgers so great."

The restaurant will hand out free burgers until 9pm on Monday. 

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