Why Every Millennial Needs The Passion Planner In Their Lives Right Now

 Photo credit: Passion Planner

Photo credit: Passion Planner

Are you someone who has a lot of hopes and dreams that you want to achieve but you struggle to think about how you'll achieve them?  Do you ever feel like you are going round in circles until you eventually give up because your anxiety takes over?

Worry not, I have a simple and effective solution for you.

But before I go on to convince you how amazing this product is, let me give you a little bit of a how, what, why, when and the incredible story behind who created it.

Passion Planner is the brain child of Angelia Trinidad, who in 2013, was suffering with what she calls "directionless floating", a concoction of both anxiety and ambition, caused by post-college uncertainty.  Trinidad soon realised she was not the only person facing this dilemma and soon decided she needed to find a solution. 

Trinidad then set up a Kickstarter project which made $48,000 in an astonishing 23 days and sold a whopping 4,000 Passion Planners.  Since then, her one-woman operation in her parents' San Diego basement became a warehouse with 36 employees. 

There's something in Angelia's story that I really admire:  She experienced something and wanted a solution, so she set a goal to create the solution and she did, successfully.  In a society that is being taken over by digitalisation, there's something quite comforting about sticking to your old-fashioned guns and embracing the analogue system.

There are many features to the Passion Planner but my favourite is that it encourages you to take a step back to think about what your goals are, alongside keeping track of all your weekly and monthly calendars and extensive to-do lists.  Once you open the planner, you are invited to note down your biggest goals to accomplish in that year, what or who motivates you, and of course, words of encouragement (or affirmations to keep you going). 

It almost acts like a life coach/therapist with words of wisdom on each page from the world's most inspiring people, such as Buddha, Jane Austen and Benjamin Franklin with pages which provokes you to analyse how your month was, with questions like:

  1. What were the three biggest lessons you've learnt this month?
  2. Are you happy with how you have spent your time?
  3. What are the three things you could improve on?

The Passion Planner allows you to take a step back to reflect, improve and move forward with what you have written.  A friend of mine described the Passion Planner as a journal that "makes you realise how much time you have," and it does.  You suddenly realise how much time you are wasting by sitting around.  

I have tried every journal under the sun, from the bullet journal to the normal journal you buy in the store.  But I use my Passion Planner for everything because it's the most effective.  I used to be extremely disorganised, jumping from analogue to digital to analogue to digital, over and over again and was never productive.  I mean, you can write down a long list of things to do but not actually do them right?  Whereas the Passion Planner makes you break everything down so that you see a clear pathway in completing the the goal. 

I've been using it for a few months and have already achieved some of the game changer goals I set myself.  It's a good reminder of what you need to do, what you need to achieve and how to get there.  You'll realise that the goals you have set yourself aren't impossible to achieve. 

As someone with depression, I find the Passion Planner to be something I always refer to when I am in my low phases.  It connects me to what I have achieved and what I have planned.  When you have anxiety or low mood, it can cloud over all the good things you have done and forces you to concentrate on the negative so it's useful to have something to refer back to.  

Use the #PashFam hashtag on Instagram to discover how the rest of the community uses their Passion Planners, especially from a creative perspective.  Use the Space Of Infinite Possibilities to create mindmaps, illustrations or doodles.  Stick in positive things, make it personal and most of all, enjoy it! 

Passion Planners available for the public, but Angelia ensures that those who cannot afford them, also have an opportunity.  She launched a Pay-It-Forward program which allows people to pay a planner forward to a stranger in need, and she has already given planners to thousands of non-for-profit organisations around the US.  But in 2015, and through Kickstarter, she launched a Get One, Give One Company. So for every Planner purchased, they give one away.  You can now apply to get a planner for free just by applying but be quick because the deadline ends on 28th October 2016. 

Thank you, Angelia, for creating such a powerful tool, one I will always use, and share with others. You can try it out for free by printing the PDF version or you can buy the hard copy planners at passionplanner.com

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