f r e e d o m

Rolling around like tumbleweed, battered and bruised until you rise to your feet only to be knocked down again.

Why me? I hear you cry. As the tears fall down your face, I watch your lip tremble and notice the saddening look of desperation you wish would go away and stop haunting your every footstep. 

But I won't leave, I will win and continue to until you climb like the smoke from a fire, cutting loose the chains that once held you captive. 

Leave me be, you beg as you fight for your freedom.

Rise from the dark cesspit I dragged you into, through the baron woods of exertion that exhausts you to death.

So this is what it's like from the Other Side.

The grass is never greener.  What you see is simply on the horizon.  It deceives the naked eye. 

Once it crawls closer you realise you were wrong all along.  Hiding behind a facade only makes it harder and at that point you wished you had opened the door sooner.

So I ask.

Who Am I?