Bonobo: Migration review: 'an ode to the awakening of spring'

 Photo credit: Bonobo

Photo credit: Bonobo

When Kerala's accompanying video, (directed by Bison and featuring Gemma Aterton) was finally broadcast, we all predicted something huge was coming, and boy, were we right.  

Releasing his sixth studio album, 40-year old Brighton-born, LA-based producer Simon Green, is continuing to make waves within the industry with his melancholic, synth-heavy production. The album, comprising a track list of twelve, features  Nick Murphy (Chet Faker), Michael Milosh (Rhye), Brooklyn-based Moroccan band Innov Gnawa's vocals on Bambro Koyo Ganda, a sample of US R&B singer Brandy on single Kerala, and soft piano contributions from Jon Hopkins

Fusing continents together through the use of horns, synths, piano, guitar, and harp, Migration hails from Green's personal global journey. With nature as the concurrent theme which includes string samples inspired by bird movement, Migration is an ode to the awakening of spring, laden with a wistful soundboard of electronic, world, jazz and soul sources. 

An easy listening for fellow nomadic musicians, Green continues to grace us with his purposeful, ambient and percussive energy.  At a time where the world is in uncertainty, Migration leaves us with warmth in our hearts and minds filled with peaceful euphoria.