Things mentally strong people do

Sometimes life is hard and it will throw you a few curveballs to destabilise you but strength isn't something you get overnight. Nor is it something that comes and goes. It comes through experiences. Cold, raw, painful experiences that you sometimes wish never happened but with hindsight, without these dreadful memories is the absence for growth, and the understanding for what it means to have strength. I was recently attacked by strangers on a train and as traumatised as I am, I can't let it hold me back from what I'm trying to achieve in my life. Yeah, it may have set me back a few steps in terms of my mental capability and the physical afflictions had on me, but it's all about what happens next.

I'm not going to sit around and mope about it because there's nothing I can do to change it. I can only move forward. Strength is all about being kicked down over and over and not knowing how you're going to pick yourself up again but then somehow always doing so. It's about rising above it all and keeping your head held high. It's about believing in yourself because if you don't, then who will? Strength is telling yourself you're good enough no matter what, facing the truth and overcoming the obstacle. It's realising you are capable of anything. 

Strength is persevering. Strength is being a fighter. Strength is learning valuable lessons. Upwards and onwards. 

So when something shit happens that is out of your control, take a step back, inhale the good shit, and give yourself a little pep talk: you can do this.

When I'm feeling a little shitty or when I feel like life is getting a bit out of control, I remember that I am strong. 

These are things that mentally strong people do: 

  1. They move on. They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves.
  2. They keep control. They don't give away their power.
  3. They embrace change. They welcome challenges.
  4. They stay happy. They don't complain. They don't waste energy on things they can't control.
  5. They are kind, fair, and unafraid to speak up. They don't worry about pleasing other people.
  6. They are willing to take calculated risks. They weigh the risks and benefits before taking action.
  7. They invest their energy in the present. They don't dwell on the past. 
  8. They accept full responsibility for their past behaviour. They don't make the same mistake over and over.
  9. They celebrate other people's success. They don't resent that success.
  10. They are willing to fail. They don't give up after failing. They see every failure as a chance to improve.
  11. They enjoy their time alone. They don't fear being alone.
  12. They are prepared to work and succeed on their own merits. They don't feel the world owes them anything.
  13. They have staying power. They don't expect immediate results.
  14. They evaluate their core beliefs - and modify as needed.
  15. They expend their mental energy wisely. They don't spend time on unproductive thoughts.
  16. They think productively. They replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  17. They tolerate discomfort. They accept their feelings without being controlled by them.
  18. They reflect on their progress every day. They take time to consider what they've achieve and where they are going.