To The Man Who Helped Me Grow Up

In a world full of fuck boys, you are my knight in shining armor. As a man of such respect and poise, you have never received the amount of credit you should’ve received and it’s time you have the most amount of light shone on you as the most genuine and caring father a daughter could ever have.

The remarkable thing about a father-daughter relationship is the many lessons that are taught to truly love and experience life.  For young impressionable eyes, a father must teach his daughter how to behave, how to learn, and how to be treated. A father sets the bar pretty high.

I remember the days where you would wait patiently in the school playground for me to come running into your arms.  In that moment, you would hand me my 50p and we would walk hand in hand to the shop to buy some treats.  I remember wrestling with you in the living room, to mother's despair, making too much noise and consequently getting told off like two little kids. I remember playing Toy Soldiers and making a mess of the house as we fired grenades at each other in our giant battlefield.  I remember we would play Sharks in the kitchen and you wouldn't mind if I accidentally kicked you in the face as I was climbing up to your head to get to 'safety' from the infested waters. 

You have fuelled my imagination and showed me love of the deepest kind. You have allowed me to learn and follow my dreams but to also make my mistakes.  You have encouraged every hobby and outlandish idea.  You have stood back and watched me make my mistakes and only intervened when I cried out for you.  

No matter how bad the act, mistake or grade, you were always there.  You have never judged me or turned me away.  For every tear I've wept, you have made me laugh twice as much.  You have punished me but have always been fair.  You are my idol, my hero, my favourite professor, teacher and scholar.  

You have taught me how to love like no other can.  You have taught me how to forgive the most hurtful sins and helped me to truly understand situations which I thought were out of my control.  You have taught me how to lead my life with an open mind to religion, politics and ethics. You have been my shoulder to cry on after the most devastating of heartbreaks, wiping away my tears and telling me how proud you are of me, how much you love me and told me that I am able to achieve anything I can in life. 

As I have grown up, you have too.  Our personalities are so similar that, as I have gotten older, we have become closer. You are the first man I have ever loved and trusted with my life.  You are my protector and for as long as we are together I will always feel safe.  No one will ever compare to you and I am so lucky to have found the most perfect, reliable, trustworthy and loyal man in the world.

Father's Day is a day of gratitude.  So thank you for all you have sacrificed to allow me to live the happy life I do. And thank you for allowing me to grow into the woman I have become. 

There is no other love in this world that can compare to my first love, forever and always. 


Happy Father's Day Daddy.